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Our online courses offer the to study any place or any time

Education Boutique offer a range of online courses to support children in their academic development. During 2020, our LIVE programme of lockdown learning was featured multiple times in the national press and in 2020, we will be extending our provision to offer a range of pre-recorded and LIVE online courses.
From entrance exams to creative writing and maths, your children can now study with Education Boutique at their own pace and from anywhere in the world.

Creative Writing Courses

From early writers to entrance exam preparation, our creative writing courses provide students with the guidance they need to become confident writers and story tellers. Please find our Creative Writing Courses Below



Year 4, 5, 6 – Creative Writing Booster

Join Lucy for a Creative Writing Booster Course, aimed at Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils. Lucy will guide your child through a series of 5 Creative Writing strategy sessions to enable them to upgrade their writing and feel confident when describing.


2020 Lockdown

Year 5/6 Diary Writing

Access the five recorded sessions from Creative Writing LIVE with Lucy. Students will learn how to structure different styles of letters for differing effects.


2020 Lockdown

Year 5/6 Letter Writing

Access the five recorded sessions from Creative Writing LIVE with Lucy - Week 3. Students learnt how to structure and create different styles of letters for effect.


2020 Lockdown

Year 5/6 Description and Stories

Access the recordings of Creative Writing Live with Lucy Week 1. Students learnt and developed strategies for creating jaw dropping description and excellent story plans.


Comprehension Courses

From primary to secondary, our comprehension courses will support the development of retrieval, inference and analysis skills. Course videos can be rewatched and therefore act as a great way to revise.

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11+ Complete Online Course

Education Boutique’s complete 11+ online course prepares children in Year 5 for the demands of independent, grammar and ISEB entrance exams. A weekly LIVE lesson coupled with independent video tasks in Creative Writing, Comprehension, Verbal, Non-Verbal and Maths will enable your child to prepare with experienced teaching. The course can be used as stand-alone preparation or as a supplement to home learning or one to one teaching.


11+ Year 5 Accelerator [Spring Term]

An online preparation course for Grammar, ISEB and Independent 11+ exams. The course is taught by Lucy Spencer and adopts a blended learning style using weekly LIVE lessons, recorded masterclasses, skills videos and assessments.


Autumn Term

11+ Year 5 [Autumn Term]

Prepare your child for their 11+ exam with the comprehensive online course form Education Boutique.


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