Tutor Networking

Surround yourself with influences and fellow tutors

The Tutors' Association Community Hubs

As Vice President of the Tutors’ Association, Lucy is heavily involved in supporting opportunities to get tutors networking. The TTA Community Hubs initiative groups the UK into regions and provides termly online networking opportunities for members and non members. The events are FREE for members and non-members can attend one meeting for FREE before being encouraged to join the supportive TTA community.

Education Boutique Networking

Before the challenges of 2020, Education Boutique ran in-person networking events at venues in the South East. These events were always a great way to build meaningful in person relationships within the tutoring industry. For the meantime, the events happen only online and our networking events can be accessed on this page. It would be wonderful if you would join us!

Mon 8 Feb 2020 20:00