A journey just like yours

Founder of Education Boutique, Lucy Alexandra Spencer, left the classroom in January 2016 to start tutoring independently. To date, she has successfully scaled Education Boutique to its recent acquisition by The Eteach Group in July 2021, as well as being awarded Female Entrepreneur of the Year and voted in as Vice President of The Tutors’ Association. Lucy is a trusted educational advisor to clients and tutors and enjoys consulting for Private Family Offices and Businesses on the future of education. 

Do you need some guidance in your tutoring business?

The tutoring industry is now an integral part of a British education and many educators are choosing it as a viable career option. However, with some major differences to a career in the classroom, the journey can seem somewhat overwhelming. Lucy coaches independent tutors, teachers considering leaving the classroom and education companies looking to scale. With a range of services available, her passion for coaching educators will open many doors. 

Online 1:1 coaching

A personalised 1:1 session conducted via zoom focussed on understanding and implementing solutions to a problem

Group CPD sessions

A group session focussed on a specific aspect of tutoring or online pedagogical understanding. 

Partnership Networking

To leave a legacy in education, we understand the importance of partnerships in achieving our goals. Our partnership networking events are carefully curated events centred around important events in the education show calendar. 

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