Top Tips for School Leaders: School Led Tutoring Grant

The School Led Tutoring Grant, new for September 2021, is a separate ring-fenced funding that is paid directly to schools and funds tutoring provision in school. It is one of three parts of the government’s National Tutoring Programme. Founder, Lucy Alexandra Spencer, discusses her top tips for school leaders in setting up a robust programme of school led tutoring in their setting.

After a lot of media coverage in the last two weeks, The National Tutoring Programme (NTP): Tuition Partners route is receiving some intense scrutiny   (see more information in our recent post on LinkedIn).  In a nutshell, school leaders are struggling to get tuition partner tutoring up and running, mainly due to issues with Randstad’s management of the programme. In February 2022, reports stated that not even 10% of the expected tuition had been started under this route.

The Tuition Partner route, paying over £65 million to Randstad, would literally have funded millions of hours of tutoring via school led route. At Education Boutique, we have only ever engaged with schools via the School Led Tutoring Grant. We have advised hundreds of schools on how to utilise their grant, either with in-house support staff, independent tutors or our totally outsourced provision.

So what are the most important things to think about?

  1. Year Group – a lot of our primary schools are focussing on Year 1 students and a lot of our secondary schools are focussing on Year 7 and 8 students.
  2. Room Availability – many schools find that the biggest limitation is room availability so we suggest you look at this first!
  3. Students – small group tutoring is an amazing way to boost confidence of students who are sometimes shy in class. Don’t just look at the bottom of your assessment grids, consider those children who are quiet in lessons and are hesitant to ask questions.

Education Boutique offer a free consultation for any state maintained school or academy trust, where we will support you to look at how best to utilise this funding. You have until July to use the funding this year.
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