SEND, EOTAS & Alternative Provision tutors

Education Boutique is a trusted tutoring service, matching tutors with chronically disengaged learners. Our alternative provision tutoring approach is always three steps: re-engagement, re-integration and transition. Once a student has worked through our three stages, the team around the child should be in a position to agree on the best educational journey to adulthood for the learner; whether that be a school placement, specialist setting or continuing EOTAS

Tutors to get you back on track

When choosing how to setup the programme of tutoring support for young people struggling to access education, it’s reassuring to know that where ever you are based, Education Boutique offer in-person tutoring as standard. We are in a unique position with our 30,000 tutors and expansive reach across the industry to be able to build the perfect tutoring team for your school/child’s requirements. We pride ourselves on our quick response times and ability to support learners across England.

1. Re-engagement

Many students start their journey with our service at a place where they have lost trust in the education system. Many of our clients have experienced educational trauma, some may be awaiting EHCPs to be finalised and others may have complex mental health and learning needs. The primary aim at Education Boutique is to quickly establish a trusting environment with learning linked to keen areas of interest. During this initial phase, a report after every lesson will keep the team around the family involved and up-to-date. The length of the re-engagement phase could be anything from 4 weeks to 2 terms. We review the tutoring at the end of every half term.

2. Re-integration

When a young person demonstrates the ability to cope with more structured academic sessions , we move to the re-integration stage. This phase is focussed on careful academic progression towards a future placement. During this phase, we are mostly required to focus on English and Maths skills however our bespoke delivery means we can personalise the presentation of the learning. This phase is heavily focussed on tutors building a portfolio of evidence to be passed to the future placement. Many students who are struggling to be placed benefit from demonstrating that they are positively engaging with tutoring. We have 100% success rate of our students being re-integrated back into suitable placements. 

3. Transition to long term placement

The final step in the journey is the young person starting at a selected placement. Many of our students don’t require ongoing support however, for certain students, having tutoring sessions in a small group room at the new placement can significantly enhance the transition process. We are proud to have a 100% re-integration rate for our students.