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updated Thursday 31st March 2022

School Led Tutoring is different to the NTP Partners route

In mid September 2021, your school will have received communication about how much money you will receive. For maintained schools, payments will be sent to local authorities on the last working day of each month in: September 2021, December 2021 and April 2022For academy trusts, payments will be made in: October 2021, January 2022 and May 2022All schools and academy trusts will receive the ring-fenced grant and any underspend will be recovered at the end of the academic year.

  • Allocations distributed in academic year 2021/22 will only be available for that academic year and will not be added to schools and academy trusts’ baselines in calculating any future years’ funding allocations
  • The grant is ring-fenced for expenditure on School-Led Tutoring only
  • This funding cannot be used to pay for the unsubsidised costs of NTP Academic Mentors or Tuition Partners


Any pupil can be chosen to receive SLTG tutoring

Quite simply, any child from Yr1 – Yr11 in England who attends a maintained school or academy trust school can receive tutoring using the funding. Schools have total control over the pupils selected to receive tutoring and can spend the funding on pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium funding or children who are not.. This control will allow schools to effectively target any pupils, who would benefit from the small group guidance of a tutor. 

Can I use my own staff or does it have to be an external tutoring provider?

Schools have control over who they spend the funding with: local tutors, tutoring companies or their own staff. There are however a few stipulations of the grant and how it can be spent on tutoring that are important for school leaders to understand. 
  • PPA cover can not be used to provide tutoring as part of the School Led Tutoring Grant
  • Any tutoring payment to existing staff has to be provided on top of their contracted hours
  • Any support staff or unqualified teaching staff with less than 2 years experience, have to have completed free training provided by Ranstad (NTP Administrator) before being able to provide tutoring for the School Led Tutoring Grant. 
  • This training is not likely to be created until December 2021, meaning schools will have missed out on a whole term of support.

How much will the grant be worth to my school?

The grant sum will be calculated by multiplying 60% of the number of Pupil Premium children your school has on roll by £202.50 (maintained school) or by £528.75 (pupil referral units and special schools)

For special schools and pupil referral units, the DfE have specified that the expected cost of tuition is £47p/h. This means schools will receive a grant of £528.75 and need to contribute £176.25 for 15 hours of 1:1 tutoring. The tutoring does not have to be conducted in 15 hour blocks like the NTP partners. This was confirmed by DfE in October 2021.

For maintained schools, the DfE have specified that the expected cost of tuition is £18p/h per child and is to be delivered in a small group of 3 pupils. This means schools will receive £202.50 and need to contribute £67.50 for 15 hours of 1:3 tutoring per child. These sessions must be conducted on a 1:3 ratio.


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