Practice makes perfect


Are you trying to gauge where your child is at in regards to their preparation for 7+ and 11+ Creative Writing exams? Buy a unique package of Creative Writing mock tests and receive personalised tutor marking that highlights your child’s strengths and targets. With 4 mock tests in each package, your child has the opportunity to follow the recommendations from the marking and apply it to their next writing piece.

  • Buy the course
  • Receive the Creative Writing Prompts
  • Conduct in exam conditions at home
  • Upload your work
  • Receive your personalised feedback
Short Writing

Short Writing Package [4 tasks and detailed feedback]

Suitable for children in Year 3-6 and marked according to their age. Receive 4 short writing tasks, upload your writing and receive detailed tutor feedback.
Level 1

Long Writing [4 tasks and detailed feedback] Year 3 & 4

Suitable for children who are in Year 3-6 and who are building up their confidence in exam creative writing. Receive 4 varied long writing tasks, upload your details and receive detailed tutor feedback.
Level 2

Long Writing [4 tasks and detailed feedback] Year 5 & 6

Suitable for children who are in year 5-6 and are looking for an 11+ mock test experience. Receive the varied long writing prompts, complete and upload the Creative Writing piece and receive detailed tutor feedback and marking.

11+ Comprehension Mock Tests

Are you looking for a package of online comprehension mock tests that your child can sit easily at home? Buy a package of 6 mock comprehension texts, written and marked by Education Boutique lead tutors. 

  • Buy the package
  • Complete test 1
  • Receive your personalised feedback
  • Repeat for test 2-6

11+ Comprehension Package [6 mock tests and tutor feedback]

Receive a package of 6 online comprehension mock tests. Receive written marked feedback through the course platform to understand how you can upgrade your written answers.