Mock Tests

The best way to for your exams

A mock test is a chance for your child to practice elements and aspects of sitting a real exam, where the content is unknown and the pressure is on. Of course, the children know nothing bad will happen if they don’t achieve a great score but it’s a very good assessment tool to check exam strategy and how your child performs under pressure.

A standardised score is more useful than a raw score as it shows the position within a large, often national, cohort. For this reason, our mock tests give a raw score as no mock test providers can give accurate standardised scores.

LEH Admissions

Super selective

7+ and 11+
Girls' day school
Richmond upon Thames

St Paul's Girls' School

Super selective
Girls' day school

Wellington College

Boarding and Day

Hampton Boys' School

Super selective

10+ 11+ and 13+
Boys' day school
Richmond upon Thames

Creative Writing Model and Marking

Our Creative Writing Mock Tests are unique to the tuition market. First you get a creative writing prompt, next your child will read a sample text for the prompt to stimulate some ideas and for them to see a good model. Finally, your child submits their written text to our expert marker, Brooke McClure and you receive detailed marked feedback within 24 hours.

Short Writing

Creative Writing Marking Package Year 5 & 6 – Short Writing Tasks



Creative Writing Marking Package Year 3 & 4

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Creative Writing Marking Package Year 5 & 6

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11+ Maths Mock Tests

Our themed 11+ Maths Mocks will help your child to practice whilst enjoying the questions themed around topics of interest to them.

Scholarship Level
football, ball, sport

Football Themed 11+ Scholarship Maths Mock


11+ Comprehension Mock Tests

We got so many requests for support, in marking Comprehension past papers that we decided to create a unique product. Our Comprehension Mock Tests allow you to take an online comprehension and receive feedback from our expert marker Brooke McClure.


Comprehension Mock Tests: Written answer [6 Tests + tutor feedback]

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Specimen Papers 11+