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Education Boutique don’t offer ‘normal’ mock tests. Like everything we do, we like to push boundaries and create opportunities for a more personalised offering. Our mock testing provision is exactly the same. We emphasise timely feedback from qualified teachers as well as themed mock tests. Mocks are an important part of exam preparation, allowing children to visualise and rehearse exam techniques.


Are you looking for an idea of where your child is in their preparation for 7+ and 11+ Creative Writing exams? Buy a unique packages of Creative Writing mock tests which come complete with personalised tutor marking. 

  • Buy the course
  • Receive the Creative Writing Prompts
  • Conduct in exam conditions at home
  • Upload your work
  • Receive your personalised feedback
Short Writing

Short Writing Package [4 tasks and detailed feedback]

Suitable for children in Year 3-6 and marked according to their age. Receive 4 short writing tasks, upload your writing and receive detailed tutor feedback.


Level 1

Long Writing [4 tasks and detailed feedback] Year 3 & 4

Suitable for children who are in Year 3-6 and who are building up their confidence in exam creative writing. Receive 4 varied long writing tasks, upload your details and receive detailed tutor feedback.


Level 2

Long Writing [4 tasks and detailed feedback] Year 5 & 6

Suitable for children who are in year 3-6 and are looking for an 11+ mock test experience. Receive the varied long writing prompts, complete and upload the Creative Writing piece and receive detailed tutor feedback and marking.


Scholarship 11+ Maths Test

Are you looking for a scholarship level maths paper with instant marking and under timed conditions? We are piloting the interest in themed mock tests to help motivate children in the last months before taking 11+ exams. Please note, scholarship level 11+ exams are more like end of KS3 level and should only be attempted if you have a really able mathematician. 

  • Buy the test
  • Sit the test and receive your score instantly
  • Review your answers
  • Complete a second try if you would like
Scholarship Level
football, ball, sport

Football Themed 11+ Scholarship Maths Mock


11+ Comprehension Mock Tests

Are you looking for a package of online comprehension mock tests that your child can sit easily at home? Buy a package of 6 mock comprehension texts, written and marked by Education Boutique lead tutors. 

  • Buy the package
  • Complete test 1
  • Receive your personalised feedback
  • Repeat for test 2-6

11+ Comprehension Package [6 mock tests and tutor feedback]

Receive a package of 6 online comprehension mock tests. Receive written marked feedback through the course platform to understand how you can upgrade your written answers.