Week 2: Monday 2:30 – 3:15 [Poetry / Cloze]

Poetry and Cloze VR questions


This week I would like you to have fun exploring tanka, cinquain and haiku syllable poems. Syllable poems don’t have to rhyme but you do need to keep to the syllable rule for each line.
Tanka: 57577
Cinquain 24682
Haiku 575

Challenge: write a mirror poem. Visit the children’s poetry archive and choose a poem you like – I recommend The Highwayman – then chose a topic you love and use the same structure to re-write your poem. Here is an example from a fantastic Year 5 students!

No description available.
Look at how she has ‘mirrored’ the structure of the Highwayman in her poem about cake!


Remember we have added you to the ‘Vocabulary’ course for free. This week learn some new words and have a go at some of the activities!