Vocabulary Builder: Week 2

Male and female animals

  • Alligator [male] bull [female] cow
  • Donkey [male] jack [female] jenny
  • Camel [male] bull [female] cow
  • Cow [male] bull [female] cow
  • Chicken [male] cockerel [female] hen
  • Deer [male] buck [female] doe
  • Ferret [male] hob [female] jill
  • Goat [male] billy [female] nanny
  • Goose [male] gander [female] goose
  • Bee [male] drone [female] queen
  • Horse [male] stallion [female] mare
  • Dog [male] dog [female] bitch
  • Sheep [male] ram [female] ewe
  • Swan [male] cob [female] pen

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