Virtual School: Advanced Week 2 Monday (Homework added)

What a great first lesson we had on description yesterday!

Homework: Choosing a picture that captures your interest from above, compose a descriptive text.

Remember that you should create a text that is four paragraphs in length roughly. Use the prompts below to help you.

Anoushka⭐: There is a power and a brilliance in the tranquility, a place of stillness even in the roar of the water. I could watch this streaming water even in my sleep, a beautiful infinite dream.

Naveed: the aquamarine blue river flowed gracefully under the green towering trees

Anoushka⭐: The white water cascaded down a series of rocky outcrops, giving the effect of many waterfalls rather than just one. Then it flowed on its way, nonchalant, as if nothing had occurred.

Arielle McAnany: The lush green trees waved lucious smells towards the bubbling, small waterfall sparkling in the saffron sun.

Elena Masterskikh: the sapphire, silky river flowed through the adventurers emerald forest

ANASTASIA!!!: the sapphire stream wound it’s way into the ivy trees.

R-SH: Seeping, swooshing and traversing, the fragrance of a turquoise body blooms throughout like the blossoms the spring scatters.

Zain Shah: Suddenly, i could hear the birds tweeting eloquently and watching the saffire river flow gracefully

declan: I heard the bird singing as I felt the leaves of the windy, forest which had and an abundance of fresh air I sniffed.

Sanjay: the azure water was flowing gracefully as the viridian-green tall towering trees stood as still as a statue.

Naveed: The rough bank bordered the sapphire lake.The fallen trees would make an outstanding home for a beaver.

Ronaal: The towering trees towered the beauty of the forest. As the saphron sun glistened through and reached the forest floor like a torch just reaching the dark.


Aarya =>.<=: the curtain of trees gave a opening to the sun which gristend in the safforon lght

Harish V: Whoosh!Whoosh!The turquoise river rippled as the hot air slapped across my face. The golden sunny sun shined through the viridian trees.

☠️xX✰(ABI)✰Xx☠️-: as the canary sunshine shone to bright on the cerulean water and it was way too bright to even look at it

vania: The auburn sunshine streamed through the viridian plants, shining on the azure, gushing water

Anoushka⭐: The the water tumbled down the hillside in a series of mini-waterfalls. The water tinkled in a laughing sort of way and the children imagined that this was the sort of places faeries might live. The rocks were slippery as they crossed the stream but there was an iron rope to hold on to. For their dog it was simply a place for a good drink. As they walked on that music of the woods became ever quieter until they could hear it no more.

Harish V: I strolled across the infinite meadow. In the distance I could hear the rippling of the water. I was encountered with a turquoise body. The was meandering and coiling like a snake. Unitedly, viridian trees swayed and waved like a crowd. The shining sun was sharing it’s rays to the community.


R-SH: Rustling,which harmonised with a symphony of a halcyon breeze as a substratum of mahogany bolstered a mass of cherry blossoms that glistened in the hovering amber from above.

Anoushka⭐: As solitary fushia tree stood bright against the sky, poised precisely on top of the hill. A few petals of blossom slowly and carefully floated towards the dewy grass, dancing as the wind caught them in their fall from grace. The teal blue sky was growing darker as the seconds passed; day turning slowly to night, spring turning slowly into summer. With each day the petals grew brighter, more vibrant and alive; a pink so sugary sweet it was almost tangible. Boughs upon boughs of blossom decorated the tree; bouquets of beauty – a perfect fit for the aura of splendour surrounding it.
vania: Under the shade of the cherry tree I stared down at the fushia mirror water, my eyes twinkled magenta.

Srinidhi: the rose coloured blossom reflecting into the clear water like a geometric pattern making the lemon gold sun shimmer giving it a fushia scene

Sanjay: as the fuchsia tall towering trees danced in the gentle breeze the azure transparent river flowed gracefully.under the amber sky the Snow White pillars stood as still as a statue.Inoccent people are perambulating slowly.

Ronaal: Like an offering, the last blossom edged it is way towards the ripples of the estuary, that was carrying on to paradise. Slithering sneaking and sleeping is all we need to see this beauty do.

Maahi Madaan: As the leaning fushia trees gazing in the light blue water like the light blue sky

Arielle McAnany: The snowy magenta trees fluttered attractively in the calm wind supported by the pastel coloured smell that enveloped caringly around any of the peple near it, resting their soul into tranquitity

arjun —–: The cherry blossom tree, which drooped over the glittering lake like a question mark. The mirror of aqua was ambulatory. The stone dome was antique and its pillars stood up like human’s legs. Multi-coloured trees swayed in the wind like elegant dancers. The lake meandered round the corner and the meadow was sage. The humans, who were visitors, were amazed! A symphony of birds sang in a choir, which was in the distance. The lava sky grew brighter and looked like a sugary sweet. 00:22:12

Aarya =>.<=: Sheltering the passers by, the magenta blossom adored its reflection on the turquoise water

Anoushka⭐: In spring the trees that line the avenue are clothed in pink and white blossom. To see the boughs that were so bereft in the snow become so beautifully adorned lifts my spirits. Their scent becomes diffuse in the warming breeze and I hold my head high to savour it. When their petals rained down in a steady trickle a few weeks later, I feel like a bride just to walk under them. 00:23:40 Harish V: Like a mirror the water was as still as time. Not even a motion. Not even one a sensor can detect. The magenta blossoms covered the river like a shelter. Solo, the towering museum stood there proud and majestic like a mighty king. An abuntace ofblossoms were drifting down to the ground like a elegant ballerina.

Elena Masterskikh: as the coral temple shimmered in the dancing sunset, whilst rose blossom trees swayed through the calming grounds casting a silver shadow, the transparent river gently flowed through the wonderland.

Maahi Madaan: Blinding my eyes like bat

Anoushka⭐: As the mountain rose into the sage, a craggy grey face more steep than any I had ever seen, the porcelain clouds waved to me as if we were friends. I lifted his eyes to the sky, touched his fingers to his lips and offered a kiss heaven-bound. This mountain was just the same as all of the others, just one boot hold, one hand hold at a time – no more, no less. He wrapped his fingers around the first cold rocky outcrop, his fingers making firm contact. My mind only had room for victory and the next movement each limb. As the wind blew around his tousled hair I could see bird soaring in the sky.

Aarya =>.<=: Rushing past the vibrant cosmopolitan city, it left a trail of rainbow.


Anushka :): The jagged walls was covered with a pearl-white blanket, which comforted the mountain. Dominating the scene, the stunning summit rose high to the candy floss clouds that loomed up above.

Aarya =>.<=: as I took a step my foot fell through the porcelain cotton candy sprinkles.

Taha: Towering snow capped mountains rose to meet the sky as people clung on desparate not to fall in the endless pit of snow.

☠️xX✰(ABI)✰Xx☠️-: The strong independent woman scaled the mountains like a Bugatti getting ready for a ramp she walked on the alabaster neon snow like a lion scaling the tree for its prey.

Naveed: Sugar white snow was scattered al over this colossal mountain. 00:39:01

vania: Fluffy puffs of clouds soared in the cerulean sky as a flock of birds flew past the point of the endless mountain.

Sidhak: The aeroplane hid in the clouds waved hello to the hiker as the snow broke and slid down the cloud-high mountain;turning into water as the miniscule rocks attempted to make the hiker meet its fate…

arjun —–: A craggy face of the mountains sucked the rocks and blocked the grass peeping out. My friend, who was called cloud, grinned at me as a rainbow loomed over. Birds made a cacophony in the biting cold. The bag on a lady’s mouth contained a map leading around me. I could sense a golden line of faith trickled me as I was the first mountain to be climbed. Rocks tried to invade but my army defended. My rival, who was called Everest, was losing so good for him. I was magnificent! The pearl white blanket threw itself over me and the persevering mountaineer stumbled on me. Her skis poked my body, this tickled. This caused earthquakes. A flag waved hello to me and I waved back. please read mine 00:40:46

Srinidhi: the blank snow freezing my feet ,the clouds flowing in the midst of the azure sky,my feet making crunch noises like a broken stick ,the peak giving me excitement ,my restless body paning me

Arielle McAnany: 1 the deafening silence tore at my soul and pierced through my eyes even when they were closed. 2 I opened my eyes and saw the towering jutting rocks, almost covered with a blanket of porcelain snow, the small, alabaster clouds let in rays of saffron sun, making the rocks cast ebony silhouettes cast on the fine snow. 3 a small mound of snow crumble into nothingness, revealing a small bit of chocolatey-brown rock. 4 The wisps of halcyon smell swooped over the very peak of the mountain and a mountain hare nearby rustled, in its haste to get back to its family.

Harish V: I felt I was a ditched mountain. Isolated…No where to go. Where was I?I was in puzzle trying to get all the pieces together. The cotton candy clouds careered across the azure sky. The sun rays beamed onto the clouds which made them blush. Who knew what was beyond the horizon? All I could see in front of me there were mounts and clumps of rocks. Crunch! I was trying to be audacious while walking on the pearl carpet. I felt like I was in another world. Viridian grass was trying to peep out. I was near to the summit. Below me I could see daggers underneath. I felt like I had been here for ever. I glanced at my watch but to my surprise I had been here only for…Do you kow how long? Just a few hours.

Anushka :): Fresh tears welled from my watery eyes.

Naveed: water was flowing down my cheeks

Anushka :): Dread surrounded me.

Anoushka⭐: He sobbed into her chest unceasingly, hands clutching at her jacket. She held him in silence, rocking him slowly as his tears soaked her chest. A tiny lapse let him pull away, blinking lashes heavy with tears, before he collapsed again, his howls of misery worsening. The pain must have come in waves, minutes of sobbing broken apart by short pauses for recovering breaths, before hurling him back into the outstretched arms of his grief.

arjun —–: His eyes closed and a fissure drilled into her eyebrow. Tears flooded out and misery ingulfed him. His clothes ripped and thunder cracked in his depression. The baby’s mouth opened and it started turning obsidian.

00:51:27 zainab⚡️-⭐️✨: his lips started to tremble and his eyes filled with tears