Tip 2: Upgrading Feelings

Create a resource you can use in the future to remember your better feeling descriptions. Telling your reader a feeling is now banned – show them!


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Lucy Spencer (Administrator) 14th March 2022 at 8:16 am

As always when we learn together, if you have a cool and creative idea for a way you can record your upgraded feeling phrases and sentences – go for it! I would love to see what you do, you can always send me an email at info@educationboutique.co.uk

Doing creative things helps us retain them better in the future.

Ideas: Love drama? Record a video presenting the vocabulary so other people can learn from your learning! Love art? What about creating a collage of facial expressions and writing the descriptions on little strips of paper to make an upgraded feelings comic or canvas? Like lists? Why not make lists of the new vocabulary? Adore music? Could you create a feelings rap or song?

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