Learning By Topic KS1: Australia and Mathematics

Create a picture of a kangaroo using 2D shapes. What 2D shapes have you used? Can you list/label the properties for each shape e.g. number of sides and corners?

Create your own Australian animal themed dot-to-dot, have your numbers go up by twos and then see if a family member or friend can complete it! Top Tip: This activity can be repeated for counting by fives and tens.

Anzac biscuits were sent over to Australian and New Zealand soldiers in WW1 as the ingredients do not spoil easily. Bake some Anzac biscuits (you can find a recipe online) With an adult talk about the measurements of the ingredients in your recipe; practise reading measurements, decide on which measurement tools you will need for your recipe and then do the measuring! Top Tip: Great opportunity to start talking about halves and quarters.

Find out the population of each state and territory in Australia. Represent the numbers using place value columns and practise reading them/saying them. Represent this information on a bar graph. Now interpret the data: Which state/territory has the highest population? Which one has the lowest population? List States and territories in ascending order according to their population.

Paint some dots in earth colours (see art activity) use these dots to assist you with your number bonds.

Which Australian animals are poisonous? Look up their measurements and draw them to scale. (Cross Curricular: Art) This could be made into an outdoor learning experience by measuring and drawing on a hard surface with chalk or collecting twigs, leaves etc and using them to mark out the shape and size of the animals.