Lesson 2: Thursday 26th 12:30 -1:30

Lesson 2: Thursday 26th 12:30 -1:30

In session two, we build upon yesterday’s knowledge to put into practice finding evidence and extending our explantations with 3 clear strategies.

Watch this first

The main lesson

Thank you to Molli for reminding me I hadn’t pressed record! Luckily the beginning part of the session was easy to re-film for people watching the recording!

Which are your favourite sentence starters?

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  • Towards the beginning of the text
  • Towards the middle of the text
  • Towards the end of the text
  • Despite
  • To sum up
  • Although
  • I liked the way
  • The simile/metaphor that caught my eye was
  • The author suggests/highlights/paints a vivid image in my mind
  • Basically
  • First, Next, Then, Additionally
  • I can infer that
  • I believe the author is hinting
  • Based on my understanding of the text
  • For instance
  • I expected that 
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