Lesson 1: Sunday 29th August 09:00-10:00

Lesson 1: Sunday 29th August

In the first session we take a deep look into story planning strategies, in particular the Education Boutique story mountain and characterisation of your protagonist.

Recording of the session

Personification of Feelings

Watch this short video from ‘Inside Out’ if you think of feelings as little people in your brain or in the world around us, its an easy what to add personification into your writing!

Homework task

After the lesson, it would be great for your child to use their story characterisation work and create a short description of their character running through the mountains. It does not need to be a full story.

As the expanse of cool air swirled between the mountains, the svelte figure of an athlete wound it’s way through the peaks and boulders. Panting and pounding, chunky ebony trainers drummed a rhythm into the path, as many had done before. Silence echoed. Hot breath rose in clouds above the tousled strands of perspiration soaked hair. Rapidly, a rickety bridge came into view, which caused an internal flood of reminiscent memories to coarse through George’s mind. He had never felt more free.

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