Learning By Topic KS2: The Library and English

Theme/Spelling words: collections, librarians, reference, archives, academic, browse, borrowing, return, information, references.

List spellings in alphabetical order; write synonyms and antonyms for words (where appropriate); create a crossword puzzle for your theme words; write your theme words in sentences or use all of them in a short story, include some effective language language e.g. similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification.

Write a story using the following as your opening line: Today I was at the library and the most unusual thing happened…. (Genre of writing: Narrative)

List as many adjectives as you can to describe the library.

The above list may help you for this next activity: write a poem in sonnet format about gardens. (Genre of writing: Poetry)

Why do you think it is expected/important that people be quiet in the library? (Genre of writing: Discussion)

Create a comic strip titled ‘The Library’. Top Tip: Remember comic strips are usually humorous.

Select a book of your choice and write a book review. Will you give it 5 stars?! (Genres of writing: Personal Response and Review) Top Tip: You could make a vlog and film your review but be sure to draft it first.

Visit your local library and observe the space, are there sections that are clearly labelled so people visiting the library can easily find what they are looking for? If so can you list these categories? – This obviously may not be possible during these self-isolation/social distancing periods – perhaps you can do a virtual tour of a library or go off your memory.

Carry out some research on the history of libraries.