Learning By Topic KS2: Sustainable Eating and English

Theme/Spelling words: agriculture, sustainability, conserve, natural, resources, environment, legumes, nutritious, consumers, dietary.

List spellings in alphabetical order; write synonyms and antonyms for words (where appropriate); create a crossword puzzle for your theme words; write your theme words in sentences or use all of them in a short story, include some effective language features e.g. similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification.

What is sustainable eating and why is it becoming increasingly important? Carry out some research and summarise in two or three paragraphs. (Genre of writing: Report)

What are the benefits of shopping locally, growing your own fruit and veg and eating seasonally?

Write a letter to people within your local community encouraging them to shop local and eat seasonally. (Genre of writing: Persuasive) Top Tip: You may also want to record this in the style of a vlog.

What is the problem with palm oil and what sustainable options are being/ have been put in place? The following website will help with key information: https://www.wwf.org.uk/updates/8-things-know-about-palm-oil

Write a diary entry from the point of view of an orangutan whose habitat has just been destroyed by deforestation for the purpose of sourcing palm oil.

Imagine you are a tree or plant. What advice would you give to humans about caring for the environment? Write a list of dos and don’ts.

Write a story about an unlikely friendship between an orangutan and a woodcutter/lumberjack/logger (choose which term you want to use). (Genre of writing: Narrative)

Write a poem in sonnet format about the current state of our planet and how we can change our ways to ensure sustainability.