Learning By Topic KS2: Pandas and English

Theme/Spelling words: bamboo, vulnerable. species, conservation, habitat, mammal, omnivores, captivity, mountain, endangered

Can you list spellings in alphabetical order and write synonyms and antonyms for your theme words (where appropriate)?

Are you able to create a crossword puzzle for your theme words?

I wonder if you can write your theme words in sentences or use all of them in a short story, trying to include some effective language features e.g. similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification.

Imagine you are a zookeeper responsible for the panda enclosure at a zoo. This is a very important job! Try and write a set of instructions so other keepers at the zoo understand how to best car for the pandas. (Cross Curricular: Science. Genre of writing: Instructions)

Imagining you are still the zookeeper, can you think about what you might say to visitors of the zoo who are visiting the panda enclosure? They probably don’t know much about giant pandas and as the zookeeper you are the expert on pandas! You might even like to get a family member to film you as you pretend to tell people all about pandas! Or you could imagine you are the host of a documentary on pandas when you film! (Cross Curricular:  Drama. Genre of writing: Information Report)

Could you create a comic strip where a panda is the main character?  Top Tip: Remember comic strips are usually humorous.

Imagine you are a giant panda living in the wild and are watching your habitat being destroyed by humans. Write a diary entry expressing how you (as a giant panda) feel. (Genre of writing: Narrative/Description)

Why do you think it is so important to ensure the conservation effort for these beautiful animals continues? (Genre of writing: Persuasive) Top Tip: Perhaps you could present this as vlog and draft your ideas first.