Learning By Topic KS2: Netflix and Mathematics

A standard Netflix subscription costs £8.99 per month. How much is this per year? (Lower KS2 can round this to the nearest pound and then calculate)

Upper Key Stage Two/Extension: How much would someone pay for their subscription over a decade?

What is the shortest (by duration) programme on Netflix? What is the longest (by duration) programme? What is the difference between the two?

From your English activity where you had to list your top ten favourite Netflix programmes/films, find the length/duration/running time of each and list them in descending order.

Now convert these times from hours to minutes (where appropriate) and then to seconds.

Find the area and perimeter of your television.

Create a number code for the alphabet (e.g. a =1 b=2 be a bit more adventurous than this example) write your theme words using this code – can anyone crack your codes?!

Now ask an adult to write some addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums in this code. Can you decode these and then solve them?

Compare the price of a Netflix subscription and the price of a TV licence.

Watch Brain Games on Netflix, specifically Season 5, Episode 9 on the topic of Logic and put your problem-solving skills to the test!

Record how much time you spend watching television over a week. How much of this time is spent watching Netflix? Can you record this as a ratio?