Learning By Topic KS2: Motocross and Mathematics

 Look up the average price of petrol for each year over the last 10 years, once you have collected this data, record it on a graph.

 Collect motorbike advertisements from newspapers, online catalogues, etc and order them according to different criteria; cost, power, age.

 Find the difference between the fastest and slowest speed ever recorded in a race.

Over a week, every time you are out in the car, tally how many motorbikes you see, and graph results.

What is the distance of a Motocross track? Record this in kilometres, metres and centimetres.

Look up the British Motocross Championship Calender. When is the next event? How many months, days, hours until the event?

Create a number code for the alphabet (e.g. a =1 b=2 be a bit more adventurous than this example) write your theme words using this code – can anyone crack your codes?!

Now ask an adult to write some addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums in this code. Can you decode these and then solve them?

A motocross track has been built in a field: 200m(w) x 400m(h). Find the area and perimeter of the field. Can you record it in metres and kilometres?