Learning By Topic KS2: Minecraft and Mathematics

Take a screen shot or print out the most recent Minecraft village or house you have created. Now try to draw/sketch your world on some paper, thinking about drawing and representing 3D shapes accurately. Grid paper may be useful for this activity. (Cross Curricular: Art)

What 3D shapes have you drawn? Can you list/label the properties for each 3D shape e.g. number of faces and vertices?

Now with the same screen shot/print out, Use a ruler and measure around the outside of your house and/or village. Record lengths in centimetres and then find the perimeter and area.

Minecraft is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. How many months are there in 10 years? How many weeks are there in 10 years? How many days? (Extension if required: How many hours, minutes and seconds)

Draw a net of a cube (include the tabs to make it easy to put together) and then cut it out and construct it. Turn it into a Minecraft characters head! (Cross Curricular: Design and Technology)

Create a number code for the characters (e.g. Steve may represent 12, a creeper 15 etc.) and ask an adult to write some sums for you.