Learning By Topic KS2: Marshmello and Mathematics

Marshmello wears a cylinder helmet/mask. Can you list/label the properties of a cylinder? Can you name and draw other 3D shapes labelling their properties? For example number of faces and vertices? Top Tip: Perhaps you would like to draw the nets of the shapes and then cut them out and make the 3D shapes.

Purchase some marshmallows that are as close to 2cm in width as possible. Find books of various sizes, and cover the surface of the books with the marshmallows, how many marshmallows cover the surface? Now double that number as if to represent 1 cm. Then measure the book to find the area and compare your informal measurements to your formal measurements.

Find the duration/length of 6 of Marshmello’s songs. Represent the times on a bar graph. Now interpret the data: on which day did you listen to the most amount of music? On which day the least amount of music? What other information can be determined from the data?

Upper KS2: From the above data can you find the mean, median, range and mode?

Create a number code for the alphabet (e.g. a =1 b=2 be a bit more adventurous than this example) write your theme words using this code – can anyone crack your codes?!

Now ask an adult to write some addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums in this code. Can you decode these and then solve them?

Approximately how long do you spend listening to Marshmello music in a week? Multiply this to find the time spent listening to Marshmello for a fortnight, then a month, then a year.