Learning By Topic KS2: Lego and Science

Build a roofless Lego house. You will add different materials for the roof and experiment to test how waterproof each material is. The suggested three materials are: grass, sticks and Lego bricks (Top Tip: You can test as many materials as you like). Test each material by making it ‘rain’ on your Lego house with a water sprayer. Which material will be the most waterproof? Write up you experiment and remember to write a hypothesis Top Tip: you can find some free KS2 experiment writing templates online.

Build a Lego car and figure out a way to fasten a balloon to it, blow up the balloon and observe what happens to the car. What is making the car move?

Build 4 different bridges out of Lego. Then test them to see which bridge can hold the most weight. After initial testing consider if you could make your bridge/s stronger by using more supports.