Learning By Topic KS2: Lego and English

Theme/Spelling words: iconic, interlocking, stud (the circular bumps on top of Lego bricks), construction, models, boost, instructions, collect, invent, create

Can you construct your spelling words using Lego?

List spellings in alphabetical order; write synonyms and antonyms for words (where appropriate); create a crossword puzzle for your theme words; write your theme words in sentences or use all of them in a short story, include some effective language features e.g. similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification.

Write a set of instructions for one of the Lego objects you made in your Art and DT activity. Be sure to include a list of everything someone would need to carry out your instructions! (Genre of writing: Instructions)

Lego is derived from a Danish phrase and means ‘play well’. Do you think this was a suitable choice in name? Why/why not? Maybe you could film your response as a vlog! (Genre of writing: Discussion)

Write a review on one of the Lego films. How many stars (or maybe your rating system will be Lego bricks!) will you give the film end of your review? (Genres of writing: Personal Response and Review)

Write a story imagining you are a Lego brick, you story will be called ‘A Day in the Life of a Lego Brick’. (Genre of writing: Narrative)

Lego is a fun, creative and educational toy. Write a letter to the Minister of Education stating why you think that every child should get a Lego set of bricks for free, funded by the Government. (Genre of writing: Persuasive)

Write your own short Lego film script. You can either use the characters from The Lego Movie or create your own. You might like to try and film a scene using Lego minifigures and Lego backgrounds and adding voices! (Genre of writing: Narrative/Script writing)