Learning By Topic KS2 & KS3 : The Royal Family and History

Create a family tree for: the House of Windsor and all British monarchs starting with Alfred the Great.

http://www.queen-victorias-scrapbook.org/contents/3.html this is a link to an amazing site that has copies of letters written to and by Queen Victoria along with some of her personal diary entries. Create a PowerPoint presentation on Queen Victoria on the different stages of her life, you can make it interactive by linking parts of this scrapbook (or other resources you may come across) into your project. You may prefer to create more of a documentary type project and film still shots of images and letters and narrate it!

Research the English Civil War (1642-1651) who were the Roundheads and Cavaliers? What were they fighting over?  What was the result? Present your findings in a style of your choice. (Possibly a vlog or a re-enactment with toy soldiers that includes an element of humour Horrible History style?