Learning By Topic KS2 & KS3 : The Royal Family and English

Theme/Spelling words: monarch, sovereign, coronation, reign, Commonwealth, empire, clergy, heir, Cavaliers, jubilee

Create a word wall for The Royal Family; write synonyms and antonyms for words (where appropriate); create a crossword puzzle for your theme words; write your theme words in sentences or use all of them in a short story, include some effective language features e.g. similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification.

 ‘Who Am I?’ This will be the name of a card game you will create on members of the Royal Family. Think of 4 clues about member (chose at least 10) and write them on a card. See if a family member or friend can guess the character! Perhaps it could be a two player game and you could be the quiz master! Then whoever has the majority of cards at the end wins.

Create The Royal Family top trumps game

Choose a member of the Royal Family and list 10 questions you would ask them if you got the opportunity to meet them.  Answer the questions in as accurate a way as possible  (past clips of them, some of their interviews, speeches/addresses may answer your questions) Now voice/record or film the interview getting a family member to be one of the voices OR changing the tone of your voice between characters! This activity could be repeated with different members of the Royal Family.

Watch some footage of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Now imagine you are a journalist of the time and write a newspaper report on the event. Make sure you capture the excitement of the mood and remember to include a headline, sub-headings, photos and captions.

Research the 1992 Fire at Windsor Castle, imagine you were a member of the castle staff at the time and write a diary entry for that day.

Create a poem about a topic in the royal family that interests you.

ROYALTY – write a story with this as your title (Genre of writing: Narrative)