Learning By Topic KS2: Horrible Histories – The Movie and Mathematics

Did you know that the first Postal Service in Europe was formed during Roman times? A horse and cart were used to transport communications. Over a week, collect the post each time it is delivered to your house; tally each item of post per day and at the end of the week calculate how much post your household received. Record this information on a bar graph and interpret results; which day was the most amount of post received, which day the least etc.

On the Royal Mail website check to see how much it costs to send letters and packages of different size and weight. Weigh some items in your house (using kitchen or bathroom scales) so you get an idea of what you can send for certain prices.

Roman Numerals:

The following is a link to a Roman Numerals chart that may assist you with the following activities:


Design an analogue clock face using Roman Numerals.

Ask an adult to write down 15 numbers between 2 and 5 digits, now see if you can rewrite these numbers using Roman Numerals.

Now ask an adult to write some sums for you in Roman Numerals. Top Tip: Your answers should be represented as Roman Numerals too.

What is the running time of this film? Can you convert and record that from hours and minutes to minutes? Extension/Upper KS2: Can you convert and record the running time into seconds?

Using Roman Numerals, record the year you and the members of your family were born.