Learning By Topic KS2: Guinness World Records and Science

In 2018, Guinness World Record (GWR) released a book called Science and Stuff. They then set a challenge for schools/children to attempt some fun experiments. Have a go at the following 3 experiments; you may not break any records but have fun! Write up the experiments, remembering to write a hypothesis. Top Tip: You can find some free KS2 experiment writing templates online.

Experiment 1: Highest Egg-Drop; take a raw egg and a selection of household items, then combine in such a way that the egg can be dropped from a great height and remain intact.

Experiment 2: Rubber-Band Car; Build a four-wheeled car from household items (or Lego), powered by rubber bands. How far can you get it to travel?

Experiment 3: Paper Planes; Fold 1 or more paper planes and then see how many times you can throw into a target zone within 3 minutes.