Learning By Topic KS2: Gardening and English

Theme/Spelling words:  germination, flora, pollination, photosynthesis, leisure, nursery, carbon dioxide, oxygen, climate, horticulturalist

List spellings in alphabetical order; write synonyms and antonyms for words (where appropriate); create a crossword puzzle for your theme words; write your theme words in sentences or use all of them in a short story, include some effective language features e.g. similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification.

Write a set of instructions for your Science activity of planting seeds; be sure to include a list of equipment. You may then like to film it and pretend you are the host of a gardening show! (Genre of writing: Instructions).

List as many adjectives as you can to describe gardens.

The above list may help you for this next activity: write a poem in sonnet format about gardens. (Genre of writing: Poetry)

Write a story with the title: The Magic Garden. (Genre of writing: Narrative)

Discuss why you think gardening is such a popular leisure activity. You may wish to carry out this activity in vlog style and record it! Top Tip: If you are going to make a vlog, write a draft first. (Genre of writing: Discussion).

In Jack and the Beanstalk, the Giant is always portrayed as the villain but if you think about it, Jack was the one who broke into his house and stole from him! Write a version of the story from the Giant’s point of view where he is the victim and Jack is the villain. (Genre of writing: Narrative and Literary Recount)

Why are bees so important to our environment? What can local communities do to ensure the survival of bees? Write a letter to your local Councillor urging them to plant more flowers in your community and the importance of this. You may even wish to send it to them! (Cross Curricular: PSHE) (Genre of writing: Persuasive