Learning By Topic KS2: Extreme Sports and Mathematics

Look at some images of skateboarders performing tricks and try and measure the angles between the skateboard and/or the ramp. With a parents’ permission you might like to try some tricks of your own and ask them to take photos of you showing different angles.

Look up the British Motocross Championship Calendar. When is the next event? How many months, days, hours until the event? Top Tip: This can be repeated for other extreme sports events, e.g. Formula 1 races.

Find the difference between the fastest and slowest speed ever recorded in a car race.

At what height do skydivers typically jump from? Record in kilometres and then convert to metres, then centimetres and then millimetres.

A BMX track has been built in the following field:

          500m(w) x 300m(h)

Find the area and perimeter of the field. Can you record it in metres and kilometres?

Did you know that there is an annual extreme sport event known as the X Games? Find out how many medals Tony Hawke won at the X Games throughout his career and in what events. Plot this information on a bar graph.