Learning By Topic KS2: Entrepreneur and Enterprise and English

Theme/Spelling words: business, financial, executive, tycoon, merchant, creativity, willingness, imagination, design, economic.

In your own words, explain what an entrepreneur is.

You are going to design a new business model. What product will you be creating to launch and sell? Consider your strengths and skills when deciding on your product. You might like to look some business models up online to get some ideas for how to format this task.

Write a product/company description so that people understand what it is you are selling/providing. Will you have a motto? Top Tip: This could potentially be used on your website – see IT activity.

Do you know any Entrepreneurs/small business owners? Ask if you can interview them in order to gain their advice. Come up with a minimum of 10 questions. You could then write up your interview in an article format. Top Tip: You could record the interview so you aren’t trying to hurriedly write down their responses but make sure to ask the person’s permission before you record them!

What do you think of the television shows The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den? Write a review about of the shows. Will you give it 5 stars?! (Genres of writing: Personal Response and Review) Top Tip: You could make a vlog and film your review but be sure to draft it first.

Imagine you are going on Dragons’ Den to convince the Dragons to become investors in your business. Plan a presentation you would present to them. Top Tip: You might like to film your presentation and get family members and friends to pretend to be the Dragons! (Genres of writing; Explanation/Discussion)

Write a story about a young entrepreneur and the problems they may encounter when launching their business. (Genre of writing: Narrative)