Learning By Topic KS2: Australia and Mathematics

In Australia the currency is the Australian dollar, look up the value of the Australian dollar to the British pound. Can you represent this value as a percentage? How much money is in your bank account? Could you convert this to Australian dollars and cents?

Extension: Write down a sum/formula/algorithm to convert one British pound to one Australian dollar.

Anzac biscuits were sent over to Australian and New Zealand soldiers in WW1 as the ingredients do not spoil easily. Bake some Anzac biscuits (you can find a recipe online) Can you list ratios of your ingredients? Example: how many parts flour to sugar?  The following link may help: https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/topics/zsq7hyc

Find out the population of each state and territory in Australia. Represent this information on a bar graph. Can you write some questions about your graph and ask a friend/family member to answer them using the data shown. E.g. Which state has the highest populations? What is the difference between the state/territory with the highest and lowest population?

Look up the area of the UK and the area of Australia. Approximately how many times can UK fit into Australia? Estimate first and then calculate.

Do some research into Australia’s multiculturalism; can you find some data and represent this on a pie chart?

Create a number code for the alphabet (e.g. a =1 b=2 be a bit more adventurous than this example) write your theme words using this code – can anyone crack your codes?!

Now ask an adult to write some addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums in this code. Can you decode these and then solve them?