Learning By Topic KS2: Australia and History

Did you know the Aboriginal culture is the oldest culture in the world? Do some research into this culture and create a fact file.

English explorer Captain James Cook discovered Australia on behalf of the British Empire and modern Australia was then formed. Find out about Captain Cook’s journey; when was it? How long was the journey? What happened when he and his crew encountered the Aborigines?

https://kids.kiddle.co/First_Fleet  Follow the link to read up on the First Fleet. Convicts were sent to Australia to help build towns; the prisons in England were so crowded that the Government saw this as solution to the problem. Some were sent to Australia, never to see their loved ones again for the minor crime of stealing a loaf of bread! Imagine you are a convict who was sent to Australia on the First Fleet. Write a diary entry about your experience. (Cross Curricular: English, Genre of writing: Recount)