Learning By Topic KS1: Youtube and Mathematics

Every day for a week, record the time you spend on YouTube/or the internet. Now record your data on a bar graph. Interpret the data, for e.g. which day did you use it the most, least, total numbers of hours altogether etc.

Is there a particular maths topic/problem that you find really tricky? Find an educational and age appropriate YouTube tutorial that will help you with this. Top Tip: You can do this more than once!

Now is there a particular maths topic/problem you find super easy? Create an educational and age appropriate video to help others! Top Tip: You can do this more than once!

What is your favourite song to listen to on YouTube? How many times has it been viewed? Over a few days or weeks, go to the same video and check to see how many times it has been watched. Everyday record the difference in the number of times it has been viewed. After checking it on 5 different days what was the difference in viewing numbers from the first day you watched it and the last day?

After completing the third Geography task, imagine you and your family have decided to travel to this place and visit some of these tourist attractions. With the assistance of an adult, research cost of flights, hotels, the places you want to visit and calculate a holiday budget (consider price of meals and spending money too!)

The YouTube logo consists of a rectangle and a triangle, list/label the properties for each shape e.g. number of sides and corners. Now using a ruler and different coloured paper, draw and cut out some rectangles and triangles of different sizes and create a pattern or an image. (Cross Curricular: Art)