Learning By Topic KS1: Unicorns and English

Theme/Spelling words: legend, creature, mythical, magical, powers, forehead, spiralling, folklore, alicorn (name of horn), symbol,

Pour some unicorn sparkles (glitter) into a tray and using your finger spell out your theme/spelling words.

List your theme words in alphabetical order.

Write your theme words in sentences; try to use connectives, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in your sentences.

List as many adjectives as you can to describe unicorns.

Write an acrostic poem using the word Unicorn.

Write a story with the title ‘The Day a Unicorn came to my House’. (Genre of writing: Narrative)

If you could be a unicorn for a day what would you do?  Would you befriend other unicorns and mythical creatures? What colour would your mane and tail be? Write this as a diary entry, as if you have just had the experience of being a unicorn for a day. (Genre of Writing: Recount)

An alicorn (a unicorn’s horn) is said to have magical powers and is also how unicorns absorb their energy. Write a description about a unicorn, paying particular attention to its horn; does it light up and glow when absorbing energy or producing magic? (Genre of writing: Description)

Read a book about unicorns and then write a review. How many stars will you give the book at the end of your review? (Or will you come up with your own rating scheme? Perhaps unicorn horns?!) Top Tip: You could carry out this task as a vlog but be sure to write a draft first. (Genre of writing: Personal Response and Review)

Create a comic strip about unicorns.