Learning By Topic KS1: Space and Mathematics

  • Create a picture of a rocket using 2D shapes. What 2D shapes have you used? Can you list/label the properties for each shape e.g. number of sides and corners?
  • Space countdown! We know countdowns are a big and exciting part of rocket launches. Practice counting backwards from 20, then 30, then 50. Can you try counting backwards from 100?! Extension: Count backwards from 100 in twos.
  • It takes about three days for a spacecraft to reach the moon; how many hours in three days? Extension if required: How many minutes in three days?
  • Create your own space themed dot-to-dot, have your numbers go up by twos and then see if a family member or friend can complete it! Top Tip: This activity can be repeated for counting by fives and tens.
  • Follow this link to find a recipe for moon sand: https://theimaginationtree.com/home-made-moon-sand-recipe/ now you are going to make some moon sand! With an adult talk about the measurements of the ingredients in your recipe; practise reading measurements, decide on which measurement tools you will need for your recipe and then do the measuring! Top Tip: Great opportunity to start talking about halves and quarters.
  • Can you mould any 3D shapes with your moon sand, start thinking about the difference between 2D shapes and 3D shapes.

After making your moon sand, mould some into ‘moon rocks’ of 6 different sizes. Using kitchen scales weigh each moon rock in grams. Record measurements in ascending order. *TT: Estimating would be a great concept to try here too – will the next rock be lighter or heavier than