Learning By Topic KS1: Slime and Science

Find a recipe for slime you haven’t used before (you might like to watch a YouTube tutorial on how to make slime), check with an adult that it is a recipe that uses safe ingredients. This will be written up and carried out as a scientific experiment. Give your experiment a name; list the equipment/ingredients needed; write a prediction–what you think the outcome will be? List the method (steps) required to carry out the experiment and finally record your results (did it turn out how you wanted it to?) Top Tip: you can find some free KS1 experiment writing templates online, also this could be a great opportunity to start talking about liquids and solids. (Cross Curricular: English,Genre of writing: Instructional)

Snails and slugs produce slime when they move. Research how they produce slime and why?

Draw and label the life cycle of a snail.