Learning By Topic KS1: Slime and English

Theme/Spelling words: ooze, wobbly, glitter, ingredients, texture, recipe, stretch, sticky, safety, method

Flatten out some slime and using magnetic letters spell your theme words by pressing letters into the slime. If you don’t have magnetic letters you could press some beads (or a similar type of object) into the slime to form the shape of the letters. Top Tip: This can be done on numerous occasions and is great for fine motor skills, also many children find slime play very calming.

List spellings in alphabetical order.

Write your theme words in sentences, try to use connectives, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in your sentences.

Write out a shopping list of the ingredients you will need to make your slime from your science activity.

Write a story imagining you are a superhero with the power to shoot slime from your hands. How will your powers be used to help protect people? (Genre of writing: Narrative) Top Tip: perhaps you would prefer to tell your story by creating comic strip.

List as many adjectives as you can to describe slime.

Create a slime monster! Now create a character profile for your slime monster: what is its name? What does it like to eat? Etc.

Monsters are often portrayed as the villains in stories. Can you write a story where your slime monster is the hero? Perhaps for your published copy you could type it up (word document or PowerPoint Presentation) and add photographs of your slime monster to your story–perhaps some of your other toys or items around your house will make an appearance in your story and therefore in your photos!

After you have completed the first activity from the Art/DT section write two reviews for the toy company. The first review for the original clear slime they sent and the second for the slime you created. How many stars will you give the different slimes at the end of your reviews? (Genres of writing: Personal Response and Review)