Learning By Topic KS1: People Who Help Us and Mathematics

Over a week, collect the post each time it is delivered to your house; tally each item of post per day and at the end of the week calculate how much post your household received. You could also record this on a bar graph and interpret results; which day was the most amount of post received, which day the least etc.

Create an image of an army tank using 2D shapes (Cross Curricular: Art) What 2D shapes have you used? Can you list/label the properties for each shape e.g. number of sides and corners, lines of symmetry.

On the Royal Mail website check to see how much it costs to send letters and packages of different size and weight. Weigh some items in your house (using kitchen or bathroom scales) so you get an idea of what you can send for certain prices.

Create your own emergency worker themed dot-to-dot, have your numbers go up by twos and then see if a family member or friend can complete it! Top Tip: This activity can be repeated for counting by fives and tens.

It is a bit of a long term running joke that Police Officers like to eat donuts! Can you buy/make some plain/powdered donuts and decorate them by making your own icing? With an adult talk about the measurements of the ingredients in your icing recipe; practise reading measurements, decide on which measurement tools you will need for your recipe and then do the measuring! Top Tip: Great opportunity to start talking about halves and quarters.

Over the course of a week or two record how many emergency service workers you see out and about (either in their vehicles or perhaps policeman patrolling the streets). Now make a pictograph to represent the numbers of emergency services workers you observed