Learning By Topic KS1: People Who Help Us and English

Theme/Spelling words: volunteer, occupation, uniform, emergency, vehicle, officer, services, duty, rescue, accident

List spellings in alphabetical order; using a thesaurus write synonyms and antonyms for words (where appropriate); write your theme words in sentences, try to use connectives, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in your sentences.

Think of different jobs that involve people helping us. List as many as you can. Are all of these paid jobs or are some volunteer? If applicable sort your list into two columns; ‘Paid Occupation ’and ‘Volunteer’

What would you like to do as a job when you are older? Why?

Game: ‘Guess Where I Work?’ Draw pictures of people involved in the jobs you have previously listed. Fold each picture in half so it is out of sight. Write 4 clues about the job on the folded paper, now ask a friend or family member to guess the job, then unfold the paper to see if they were right!

Footballers in the Premier League get paid a lot more money than our emergency service workers and people in the military. Do you think this is fair? Why/why not? (Genre of Writing: Persuasive) Top Tip: You may enjoy filming this in vlog style! But be sure to draft your ideas first.

Write an acrostic poem using the words Fire Fighter. (Genre of writing: Poetry)

Write a story that involves having to ring the police for assistance. The title of your story will be ‘Help!’ (Genre of writing: Narrative)

If possible, interview somebody from your community about their job. Come up with a minimum of 5 questions. You could then write up your interview in an article format. Top Tip: You could record the interview so you aren’t trying to hurriedly write down their responses but make sure to ask the person’s permission before you record them.