Learning By Topic KS1: Mexico and English

Theme/Spelling words: Mexico, flag, city, day, dead, chocolate, sombrero, cactus, piñata, volcano

Did you know that Mexico introduced chocolate to the world? Squirt some chocolate sauce onto a tray and with your finger spell out your theme words.

Spell your theme words out of buttons/smarties.

Write your theme words in sentences; try to use connectives, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in your sentences.

Write a short story about a volcano erupting. (Genre of writing: Narrative) Top Tip: perhaps you would prefer to tell your story through a comic strip/illustrations.

Create a Mexican themed menu! What will be on your menu for the starter, main and dessert? Even the drinks can be Mexican (Have you heard of the chocolate drink champurrado?). What will be the name of your menu or restaurant?

Write/draw a set of instructions for making champurrado. Remember to list everything you will need for your recipe!

(Genre of writing; Instructions) You could then make champurrado and perhaps film this as if you are the host of a cooking show! Before making it talk about the measurements of the ingredients in your recipe with an adult; practise reading measurements, decide on which measurement tools you will need for your recipe and then do the measuring! Top Tip: This is a great opportunity to start talking about halves and quarters. (Cross Curricular: Maths)