Learning By Topic KS1: London Underground and Trains and English

Theme/Spelling words: transport, underground, overground, journey, route, electric, operate, tickets, stations, ride.

List spellings in alphabetical order

Write your theme words in sentences, try to use connectives, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in your sentences.

Often on Tube platforms you will see large spaces for advertising. Poems also appear in these spaces in order to give passengers something to read and put a smile on their face. Can you write a poem about the London Underground? You can choose whichever style/genre of poetry you like e.g. acrostic, rhymed, sonnet . (Genre of writing: Poetry)

List as many adjectives as you can that describe travelling on trains in London (underground or overground) Top Tip: This list will help you with the activity below.

Write a description on being a passenger/commuter on the London Underground during peak hour. (Genre of writing: Description)

Write a story with the title ‘The Train Ride’ (Genre of writing: Narrative)

Write a set of instructions for somebody travelling by train. Remember to include a list of things they will need. (Genre of writing: Instructions)

Discuss ways to provide new train lines without destroying natural environment.

Explain in your own words how a steam train runs. (Cross Curricular: Science)

List advantages and disadvantages of taking public transport.

How do the trains you have travelled on cater for people in wheelchairs? Do you think more should be done, for e.g. every tube station should provide stair free/wheelchair access? Write a letter to the Transport Minister stating your case. (Genre of writing: Persuasive)