Learning By Topic KS1: Chocolate And Mathematics

Make (using shape moulds) or buy some chocolate of various 2D shapes, now observe the 2D shapes and have fun sorting them and matching them.

Talk about (and record if you wish) the properties of 2D shapes (number of sides and corners; could also find lines of symmetry).

Using kitchen scales weigh different chocolate of a variety of sizes Top Tip: Estimating would be a great concept to try here too – will the next piece of chocolate be heavier or lighter than the last?

Bake a chocolate cake! With an adult talk about the measurements of the ingredients in your recipe; practise reading measurements, decide on which measurement tools you will need for your recipe and then do the measuring! Top Tip: Great opportunity to start talking about halves and quarters.

Make/buy chocolate buttons and use them to assist you with your number bonds!

After you have created your menu from the English activity, decide on how much each item on your menu should cost.

When you visit the supermarket for your Geography activity, check the price of 10 different types of chocolate – can you list these prices from lowest to highest?