Sample Writing Piece:

I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that country life is better than city life. The benefits of living in the countryside far outweigh any benefit that living in the city has to offer. Such benefits include (but are not limited to): health, both physical and mental; space; and forming meaningful friendships.

To begin with, the calm, serene lifestyle that the country provides is much better for mental health than the constant noise and hustle and bustle of the city. Living in the city means that exercise takes place in crowded gyms with the sound of machines whirring away and music blasting. In the country there is much opportunity to exercise in tranquil and open outdoor settings – which benefits both physical and mental health. The fresh country air is also much better for a person’s health than polluted city air.

In addition to health, space is something that is readily available in the country. The houses offer more space, the gardens offer more space – space is abundant! In cities children often have to share rooms and do not have much of a garden. The houses in the countryside often have guest bedrooms and often you cannot even tell where the garden ends and the fields begin.

Finally, people seem to have more time for each other in the country and form lifelong friendships. It can be challenging to make genuine friendships in the city due to the amount of people. Furthermore, city friendships can often be transient as many people seem to move from city to city or are temporary residents visiting from other countries. In country communities, people look out for one another and bond over similar interests.

Health, space and friendships are just a few of the reasons I believe that country life is superior to city life. Everyone would benefit from living in the country at some point in their life.