Sample Writing Piece:

Mariella stood by the gate observing the view. Early spring showed Blossom Park at its finest; the blossom trees blushed a magnificent shade of pink and were in full bursting bloom. They lined either side of the path and in the gentle spring breeze seemed to wave in greeting, as if they were old friends.

Every year on her birthday, Mariella showed up. It had been their special place, where they would sit merrily and talk for hours on end – they could finish off each other’s sentences, begin to say what the other was thinking – it was like they could read each other’s minds. It is true what they say about twins having a special bond, especially identical twins.

It wasn’t called Blossom Park for nothing, Mariella thought as she gazed fondly at the bountiful blossom trees. All of a sudden, memories flooded back: childhood days spent eating copious amounts ice cream, taking comfort in the shade of the trees and as they had gotten older they had shared their hopes and fears.

As she tentatively made her way down the path, Mariella glanced hopefully at the tree they had always called their own – the third one down on the right-hand side. She held her breath hoping at any moment her twin sister would peer around the trunk of the tree; alas no such luck. She shouldn’t be disappointed really, it had been the same every year for the past 10 years – ever since their monumental argument.

Amy wasn’t just her sister, she had been her best friend too (well, had been until the big falling out). They used to be as close as siblings could be and if you messed with one you would suffer the wrath of the other!

Mariella was startled by an unexpected tap on her shoulder. She quickly spun around. It was like looking in a mirror, even after all this time, “Amy!” she gasped. They reached out for one another and embraced, they held onto each other as if they would never let go.