Sample Writing Piece:

The aroma of salty sea air floated up and invaded my nostrils as I swiftly scrambled down to the pristine harbour. The still, turquoise water appeared to be beckoning me as if inviting me into its exclusive club, while the golden sands shimmered in the increasingly warm sunshine. The screech of gulls gallantly flying out for their morning catch filled my ear drums along with the loud whispers of the gentle waves hitting the sand.

I had been waiting impatiently for this; it was to be the highlight of my school holidays! Arriving in stunning Cornwall last Thursday, I had pre-booked and paid for my ticket with my hard earned pocket money. This would be my maiden boating trip (I couldn’t believe I had reached the ripe old age of 10 ever having been on a boat!), I would be sure to embed the memories of this day firmly in my mind so as to be able to relive every exciting moment!

Before long, I was waving my ticket in the weathered face of ‘Cornish Cruises’ Captain as enthusiastically as a fisherman who had just caught his catch of the day! I’m not overly familiar with boats so I wasn’t sure what type this was, however it was ruby red, large enough to comfortably seat 15 or 20 people and was roofless apart from a little hut that protected the Captains wheel.

As the engine rumbled and we soared our way out to sea, the Captain’s voice crackled over his little sound system promising all passengers a thrilling morning: we would be hugging the glorious, pristine Cornish coastline; spying smugglers caves; scrutinising the glistening water for sea life and if we were lucky we may spot a mammoth whale! I started getting butterflies in my tummy… epic adventures awaited!