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Welcome to the course!

In this summer comprehension course, you will recap, revise and re-engage with the strategies and skills you need to employ to be a comprehension thinker.

Do you struggle with timing or to extend your answers?

Who is the course designed for?

This comprehension course will help Year 5/6 learners to develop the thinking skills and independence to coach themselves through the demands of the 11+ Comprehension exams.

The course is designed to focus more on written answer comprehension but would also provide a very thorough experience for children preparing for multiple choice questions, due to the emphasis on deeper reading skills and strategies.

How is the course delivered?

Zoom Webinar is Lucy’s chosen method for delivery of the group masterclasses. Free from distractions and giving clients total discretion whilst learning in a group.

Lesson 1

  • Reading not looking
  • Time planning
  • Visualisation techniques for deeper understanding

Lesson 2

  • Selecting evidence
  • Quoting
  • Expanding your answers with explanation strategies

Lesson 3

  • Upgrading your answers
  • Standing out from the crowd 
  • Practice papers and questioning

Download the course booklet here: Engaging Comprehension-2

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