Half Term Break


“Extra session of live teaching added to the course”

– Lucy Spencer

Half term break notice – due to an error in our system the half term work did not get loaded. I’d like to apologise for this. You will see I have added an extra live lesson week (week 11) onto the course and will hold the Parents Evening afterwards at times to suit parents the following week.

We also reviewed the way the system is running and have made some tweaks to the system. I really thank you for your patience whilst we get the online learning platform working well for you as parents and students. I really hope this half term will be a lot more organised and you will find it clear on doing the homework every week.

Home learning for the week will be released on the Monday before the live lesson. This will allow you to complete the VR, NVR and Creative writing during the week and then focus on Maths and Comprehension work after the taught session.