Creative Writing 4: Ending and Upload for Marking

4. The exam ending (FSF)

Wow! It’s the last lesson. It has been truly so wonderful to help you all. In today’s session we look at how to write a really good and solid ending to your creative writing story. First thing to say is NO CLIFFHANGER endings…

It’s just way too risky and you could leave the marker thinking you ran out of time. Instead, I’d love you to use the FSF technique that I teach you today.

  • Flick forward in time and describe an action
  • Set the scene by describing the setting
  • Feelings to finish will help your reader feel like your ending has shown off a few things.

Remember that this ending could be three sentences long but you can extend it by writing a few sentences for each point!

Now you are finished: write a story and upload it below for marking!

Choose one of the pictures below to create a story about or choose your own picture stimulus.  Remember to make surety following things:

  • 5 clear paragraphs
  • Sentence Starters
  • Upgrade your verbs
  • Upgrade your nouns when appropriate
  • Show don’t tell feelings
  • Action Response
  • WSSS