Sample Writing Piece:

Climbing a Mountain

The enormous formation stretched menacingly up into the scattered, pale grey clouds. There was excited chat between our group as we huddled at the bottom of the tremendous mountain.

Quickly and excitedly we got all our climbing gear ready for the difficult climb we were about to make. Even with the training we had done, this was sure to be our mountain climbing group’s toughest challenge yet! We were a small group of 6 and had become the closest of friends.

Excitement was bubbling up inside of me as my close friend and climbing partner, Holly, turned to me and gave me the nod – it was time! We carefully climbed the first stage of the mountain, we were a third of the way up and had found it fairly easy and so continued to stage two of our climb. The mountain was getting steeper and the air was becoming thinner. I started to wheeze due to my asthma and reached into my pocket to get my inhaler – it wasn’t there!

“Holly!” I cried, “I-I don’t have m-my inhaler,” I stammered.

“What?!  Lize, we double checked everything! Are you sure?” she asked.

I shook my head, feeling scared.

“Ok, don’t panic, come and sit and just breathe slowly,” she said calmly.

I put my head between my knees and breathed slowly, I felt so foolish! I had ruined the climb for Holly as we would have to head back down to base.

Suddenly, Sam, our group leader appeared holding a small, cylinder object in the air – my inhaler! He had found it just 20 metres from where we were, it must have fallen out of my pocket! Immediately, I took a deep puff of the inhaler. A few more puffs and my breathing had returned to normal.

Ten minutes later, with my inhaler safely in my backpack, we had completed the second stage, just one to go! We made our way up the steep mountain until finally, we reached the magnificent mountain top of Mount Fox. The view was incredible!