Sample Writing Piece:

The Storm

The dark clouds moved slowly over the choppy sea, they knocked together making a load clapping sound! I love a good storm, it’s so cosy curling up under a soft blanket and watching the bright flashes of lightening and the huge waves of the sea.

I know storms can be dangerous for people and animals however I knew our village had been warned about this storm and everyone had hurried home from work and school. Knowing that my family and friends were safe I wrapped the beautiful blanket tighter around my shoulders and glanced at my ginger cat who was curled up and snoring on my lap. Just then the rain started to fall heavily outside.

The fishing harbour was in front of my cottage so I had an amazing view! My bedroom window was the perfect spot to watch this magnificent storm. From my comfy bed, I could see the blue and white striped lighthouse flashing every few seconds. The lighthouse was switched on every night but surely no one would be out on their boats in this weather!

CRASH! A clap of thunder shook my windows. This storm was the biggest I had ever seen. CRASH! BANG! The lightening lit up the cloudy sky.

Then I thought I heard shouting from outside. I quickly leapt out of bed waking my cat and out of the window I could see a small group of people by the lighthouse. Then with another flash of lightening I saw it! Out in the distance about 500 metres from the harbour a fishing boat had crashed into Seal Rock! In another flash of lightening I saw that it was my brother’s boat! No, it couldn’t be he was supposed to be away on holiday for a few weeks, I must have been mistaken but there was another flash of lightening and I could see it WAS my brother’s boat.

I quickly reached for my mobile phone to call my parents but my battery was dead. I didn’t know what to do! It was too rough outside for me to drive to their house. I wasn’t sure if I should join the rescue crew at the lighthouse. I wasn’t part of the lifeboat team and I didn’t want to get in the way. I watched nervously as the waves crashed against the boat, my heart was beating so fast!

I could not sit there and do nothing. I grabbed my waterproofs and ran as fast as I could to the lighthouse, cold rain was hitting me as I ran but I didn’t care.

I reached the light house just as the lifeboat was heading out to my brother’s boat. The lighthouse keeper took me inside and gave me a hot cup of tea but I couldn’t drink it as I was too busy staring at the lifeboat hoping it would get to my brother and his mates in time.

Finally the lifeboat reached them! My brother and his crew climbed onboard. Oh the relief and joy I felt at that moment.

The lifeboat pulled up and the rain was coming down heavier than ever but it didn’t stop me, I sprinted to my brother and hugged him tightly. It was a close call and we will always be grateful to the brave rescue team. As for me, I am not sure I will ever enjoy a storm again!